Maclouis Machinebouw is a young and energetic company with over 20 years of experience in Maclouis machines. Maclouis focuses mainly on special construction, which is realized entirely according to the customer's wishes.

Since December 1, 2021, MacLouis has been taken over by Maurice and Charlotte Vijverberg and will continue under the name MacLouis Machinebouw and are located at Techniekweg 24a in Zierikzee. From here we will take care of the production and parts supply.
At Maclouis we are there for you, the customer.

For example, we like to switch quickly, because when you call you immediately get on the line with the professional and always think about a solution for you. We have a good stock of parts and can therefore deliver quickly. We really stand for quality machines and that is why MacLouis machines are very solidly built and will therefore last a long time.