The KBG haulm topper is specially designed for defoliating onions, silver onions, chicory, carrots and beetroot. This haulm topper uses flails to remove most of the haulm from the crop. The flails throw the haulm upwards where it enters an auger. This auger transports the haulm to the right-hand side. Behind the flails are 2 blade rotors that post-top the crop, resulting in acleaner crop. Due to its high capacity, the KBG has very good haulm intake, even with heavy crops, and has a good topping result due to the use of both a flail shaft and horizontally rotating rotors. The KBG is characterised by means of an excellent lateral haulm discharge through which the haulm is placed in the tractor track by an auger and because of its stability due to the depth wheels between the rows (4.00-8)

Available in 1.50m - 1.80m - 2.25m


Features of the KBG haulm topper High capacity Very good haulm suction, even in heavy crops Good folding result due to the use of both a flail shaft and horizontally rotating blades Excellent lateral haulm removal by means of an auger Good ground following due to the depth control with nitrogen-filled accumulator Stability due to the depth gauges between the rows


  • Stainless steel front cover
  • Auger (230mm instead of 250mm) lined with HMPE over the entire width
  • Hydraulic depth control with large idlers (200/60/14.5) in the wheel track.
  •  Probes are adjustable in width.
  •  Electric-hydraulic depth control with sensors with large wheels in tractor track.
  •  Electric-hydraulic depth control with angle sensor. Height can be adjusted from the
    cabin with large wheels in tractor track.
  •  (LED) work and traffic lights in front of the topper
  •  Freewheel clutch in the PTO
  •  Blade shaft 45 mm instead of 35 mm