Disc harvesters

From 2016 Maclouis focused on machines with driven discs so that harvesting can be done with wide tires or a wider bed with a narrower machine.
For example, the MLK3000 can be equipped with 6 hydraulically driven harvesting discs. These hang in a frame on a parallelogram. Convex discs of 46 cm are mounted, these are vertically at an angle of 45 degrees.
Because the discs are driven, they give the onions speed and they will be placed between the next row, so rolling back is limited.
The depth can be adjusted with an adjustable depth wheel that is placed between the rows. As a result, the discs will always maintain the correct depth no matter what the topper does. The upper arms of the parallelogram are adjustable so that the frame can still be adjusted forwards or backwards. This allows a 3 meter bed to be cleared with a tractor.
The discs can be lifted hydraulically for a spray track. Behind the tractor comes a 1.80 or 2.25 harvester to sift out the soil and harvest the other rows. The machine has a weight of 2300 kilos. The three-point hitch has been made adjustable so that the machine can be mounted as close as possible to the tractor for good weight distribution.
This is also possible for a 225 haulm topper. The three-point trestle is then made 40 cm longer and 1 disc is mounted on the left and right of the topper, these hang in a parallelogram and the depth can be adjusted with a support wheel. For example, you can drive on wide tires (48cm). These discs can be hydraulically lifted in front of the spray track.


Below you see a 150 haulm topper that has been adapted to harvest a 3 meter full field.
A disk has been made on the left under the topper that can move in a parallelogram.