The KBG haulm topper has been specially developed for defoliating onions, silver onions, chicory, carrots and red beets. With this haulm topper, the haulm is removed from the crop by flails and knives. The flails throw the foliage upwards where it ends up in a mortar. This auger discharges the foliage to the side. Behind the flails are knives that follow-up the crop, resulting in a cleaner crop.

Available in 1.50m - 1.80m - 2.25m


Features of the KBG haulm topper High capacity Very good haulm suction, even in heavy crops Good folding result due to the use of both a flail shaft and horizontally rotating blades Excellent lateral haulm removal by means of an auger Good ground following due to the depth control with nitrogen-filled accumulator Stability due to the depth gauges between the rows

Butterfly haulm topper

Optimal capacity is achieved by folding three beds at the same time. By hanging a folding bed in the front linkage of the tractor and two folding folding folding beds in the rear of the tractor, three beds can be folded at the same time. Behind the tractor are two separate toppers in a frame. In the transport position, the toppers are folded up so that the machine can be driven safely on the road.


  •  Stainless steel front cover
  • Auger covered with HMPE over the entire width
  • Hydraulic depth control only with cylinders or in combination with large running wheels in the wheel track.
  • Probes are infinitely adjustable in width
  • Electric-hydraulic depth control with sensors
  • Electric-hydraulic depth control with potentiometer
  • The height can be adjusted from the cabin
  • (LED) work and traffic lighting in front of the topper
  • Other options are possible in consultation.