The harvesters are extremely suitable for harvesting plant and seed onions. The machines are characterized by their robust construction and are very complete as standard. The MLR series has models in three different working widths. A square harvesting shaft lifts the onions from the ground. Optionally, is a twisted square harvesting shaft. A twisted harvesting shaft ensures that the harvesting process runs more smoothly and the drive has to endure fewer peaks. On both sides of the harvesting shaft is a grubbing chisel. The 65cm discs ensure that no onions are spilled.
The first sieving mat (std stitch 42mm) is equipped with fixed shaker rollers, so that the onions are cleaned as efficiently as possible. In the second (std stitch 42mm) web it is optionally to place a powered shaker roller. A pressure roller with a scraper is mounted under the rear belt, which flattens the ground under the machine, so that the onions end up on a flat bed and can easily be picked up again during loading. Due to the clever positioning of the rear wheels, the harvesters are guaranteed to be stable. With adjustable, bottom-following skids it is possible to make an optimal swath, so that the onions can be dried optimally.

Available in 1.50m - 1.80m - 2.25m 

Clearing wider beds

With the MLR1800-S With the MLR1800-S onion harvester it is possible to dig up beds of 2.25 meters wide. This harvester has a working width of 1.80 meters and is equipped with two driven discs. These discs bring in the outer rows of onions so that they are already within the working width of the harvester in front of the harvesting shaft. They are then picked up from the bed at the same time as the other rows of onions. With a harvester with a working width of 2.25 meters it sometimes happens that the shears in front of the lifting shaft bearing throw the soil up to the next row of onions. Because a narrower machine is used, this is not the case with the MacLouis MLR1800-S onion harvester. The harvesting shaft is also 40 mm instead of 45 mm, so that harvesting is less deep.

Harvesting onions on wide tires

With the onion haulm toppers and onion harvesters from MacLouis it is possible to harvest onions on wide belts. MacLouis has developed a trestle for this purpose, which is mounted between the tractor and the front haulm topper. This is a 70 cm trestle to which the discs are mounted. The rows of onions are brought in in front of the wheels by means of discs, creating a tramline where a tractor can drive on wide tires. The discs run on their own and can move up and down. Behind the tractor comes a 1.50 onion harvester to pick up the other rows of onions and to sieve the soil.

Adjustable swath spreader

It is possible to equip the onion harvester with a hydraulically driven swath spreader. This allows onions to be stored in different ways. The harvester is then equipped with hydraulically adjustable deposit belts, which make it possible to deposit the onions to the side. Middle delivery remains possible. The swath spreader can also be used as a collecting bunker.

Features of the MLR onion harvester

  •  Problem-free entry due to the large discs (Ø 65 cm)
  •  Beater rolls in 2nd harvesting mat
  •  Optimally pressed bed due to large pressure roller with scraper
  •  Stability through clever positioning of the rear wheels
  •  Powered roller under the rear mat to prevent product take-back
  •  Excellent drying of the onions due to the possibility to create an optimal swath with the adjustable bottom-following skids
  •  Adjustable haulm scraper, to rub soil and dirt into the track


  • Twisted harvesting shaft 40 mm (Standard 45 mm with MLR 2250)
  • Hydraulic depth control with wheels in the wheel track.
  • With adjustable probes for different row distances
  • Powered beater in the 1st or 2nd harvesting mat
  • Hydraulic collector valve for increasing the headland
  • LED-lighting
  • Hydraulically driven harvester
  • Hydraulic swath spreader with driven belts under the 2nd harvesting mat. This allows the onions to be deposited in the normal way.
  • The swath spreader can be used as a collecting bunker and the onions can be put aside one swath.


MLR 1500
MLR 1800
MLR 2250